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Individual sessions aimed at anybody who is ready to fully commit to create long-lasting changes in their life.



Cycles of 9 breathing sessions. This technique focuses on inhaling and exhaling in a circular way, and through it you will make some room inside your body and perceive yourself at a deeper level.

Benefits to be expected are:

- On a physical level cells oxygenation is improved and it harmonizes the body energetic flows. Muscular tensions and energetic blocks are therefore reduced, giving the chance to deeply repressed emotions and thoughts to emerge. It’s also useful for anxiety related symptoms, insomnia, asthma, and many others conditions.

-  On a mental level it raises awareness on feelings and perceptions we base our reality upon. This unique combination of breathing and creative thoughts allows to transform our life and open ourselves up to new possibilities, and finally manage to attract what we truly want.

Part of this therapy is also a path of forgiveness and resolution with parents or with other important figures of our family


AFRODITE'S DANCE (for women)

One to one movement-based sessions combining dance, music and rooting practices. 

Dancing is one of the most spontaneous and joyful way to reconnect to our body and anything related to vitality, wellbeing, strength and sinuosity.

Dancing with another woman, whether alone or in a group, is like looking ourselves in a mirror and it makes us find the complicity often missing in our daily life. It also shifts the interaction from a verbal/mental communication to a more subtle and energetic one.

During all sessions I will be practicing with you.



This is a one-to-one meeting, in a safe and protected space, where the energy of the "temple" is created, a bubble out of time where you can let go and feel welcomed with love.

Each meeting lasts about two hours, including an initial interview, massage practice and final discussion. I use various tools including conscious touch, elemental massage, tandava, and other tantric techniques from the Sofia Sundari method.

It is a valuable support for both women and men to experience:

- connecting to the deepest part of themselves

- a state of ecstasy and great openness

- the release of old stagnant emotions and energies

- an encounter with the pleasure of the body

- great grounding and psychophysical well-being


The aim of these sessions is to find the way back to an intimacy

that is pure, loving, and aligned with our truth.

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