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When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

                                                               Paulo Coelho

For over 20 years I've worked , both individually and in group with people who wish to discover their true self, integrating teachings and practices I've learned from several traditions. Here below you can find some of my offerings.

Yoga Clifftop


Off the beaten track, unique experiences that lead to self-discovery, with selected guides and teachers I've found on my journey.

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Notte stellata

training and consultations


holistic paths

Individual sessions: for those ready to committ with constancy in order to create longlasting changes in their life

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Who am I

I've always been searching the deepest meaning of life and love. I've walked through many paths, I still keep walking them, with an endless longing to explore spaces within me and the beauty of the places I travel to. Motivated by the constant research to reconnect with nature and with elements, I met and studied with shamans of different traditions. 

I've worked with Depth Astrology for 25 years, to help people gaining awareness of their potentials , their life project and the meaning of their daily life. To motivate and remind those who forgot what they have chosen to manifest in this place at this time.

I use Rebirthing to support people, to help to "making room" within themselves, to reconnect  to that anchoring place and sacred space from which emotions and old patterns can free safely, finding a way out and leaving space for a more expandend and light self-perception.

I lead through body movement , because I've been experiencing for 15 years what dance triggers in me: deep connection with my life force, overflowing joy, sensuality, estatic spaces where our mind is quiet and all is magic.

I organise retreats and unique experiences. As aquarius rising aquarius making networks and create connections is vital for me, therefore I also love organising  travel experencies, where  exchanging and mutual growth are paramount and I avail of the best guides I've found on my journeys.

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