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I have always been searching for the deepest meaning of Life and Love. I have travelled many roads, and continue to do so, with an incessant urge to explore the spaces within me, and the beauty of the places where I travel. Motivated by the constant search to reconnect with Nature and the elements, I have frequented and studied with teachers and shamans from different traditions.

I have been using Depth Astrology for 25 years to help people understand their own potential, their life project, the meaning of what they experience in their daily lives. To motivate and remind those who have forgotten what they have chosen to manifest in this place at this time.

I transmit this ancient wisdom in my School of Astrology ATHANOR I founded in Switzerland, both with theory and also integrating the celestial energy into the body. I more and more offer an approach of Embodied Astrology.

I support through Rebirthing, to help "make space" within oneself, reconnect with that anchored centre and sacred space from which emotions and old experiences can be safely released, finding the way out and making way for a more expanded and lighter perception of oneself.

I lead through body movement, because I have been experiencing for 15 years what dance triggers in me: deep connection with my vital energy, overflowing joy, sensuality, ecstatic states where the mind falls silent and everything is magic.

I organise retreats and special experiences, including travel, because as a good double Aquarius, networking and creating connections is vital, it's air, it's exchange and mutual growth. So I offer moments with the most valid guides I have met on my path.

I offer safe containers to work both individually and in groups on intimacy. I studied with Sofia Sundari and am an accredited practicioner of sacred sexuality bodywork. What most draws me to this work is the deep connection that is established between souls, beyond masks, outer layers, beyond words. That merging that shows us that we are not separate. To this understanding I bow and I offer my tools with love.

I am a passionate student of the nervous system and got a certification in Somatic Embodiment and Regulation on the nervous system and got a teacher training course in Yin Yoga, a practice where I help to sink down into the body in slowness, allowing the body to open up gradually with all the support it needs.

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