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Sufi-inspired practices for women with
Zola Dubnikova

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Centro D'Ompio, Pettenasco - Lago d'Orta, ITALY

6-8 October 2023

This is a collective journey to open the channels of ecstasy in the body. Locating the entranceways for strong physical and psychological sensation of ecstasy to penetrate us, we explore various manifestations of ecstasy in the body: Ecstasy of the heart, ecstasy of the pelvis, ecstasy of the voice, ecstasy of the 5 senses, ecstasy of emptiness, ecstasy of surrender, ecstasy of: joy, pain, hunger, sensuality, suffering, longing and vulnerability.


Zola will use several tools in this deep exploration, such as:

  • kumbakha (breath suspension)

  • physical practices

  • vocal invocation

  • movement meditation and sacred dance

  • whirling

  • taoist-tantric meditation which will help to develop feminine anatomical awareness

  • transfiguration

  • sema (listening)

  • Zikhr (ceremony of remembrance)


Through these portals, we will cultivate profound and subtle sensory awareness, entering the inner place where there is no time, and no destination.  We will explore our spiritual hunger, and the original source of our longing to love and be loved, opening the door for an endless passionate love affair with the divine. We will transcend culture and time, on a journey of spiritual ecstasy,

dance, heart-opening, sisterhood and love.

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The Centro d'Ompio is an international seminar centre. It covers an area of 100'000 square meters with gardens, terraces, chestnut forest, meadows, all connected with walking trails, which lead by creeks, springs and a pond. There is a gorgeous view to Lago d'Orta and mountains of the Monte Rosa range thanks to the elevated location. The kitchen offers Italian-vegetarian food, based as much as possible on biologically grown crop. To know more about it

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