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Group or individual sessions. An outstanding tool for regulating the nervous system.


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Yin yoga is a type of yoga where we cultivate yin energy, which represents that feminine softness (in each of us, regardless of gender) of surrender, listening, trusting abandonment.

In this type of yoga the asanas (positions) are held for a long time, up to 6-8 minutes, to allow for a progressive opening of the body, without forcing and at the same time learning to stay in discomfort which becomes a portal for accessing deepest parts of us.

It is an exceptional tool for regulating the nervous system. Several studies have now made it clear that the trauma is stored in the nervous system: this practice can therefore create the necessary space for a release of deep blocked emotions and consequently promote a great  psychophysical well-being.

Today we are used to following a thousand different stimuli, to being constantly solicited digitally, to stay in action. In a yin yoga session, on the other hand, we learn not to run away, not to dissociate ourselves from the body, but to remain present to everything that emerges with kindness and patience.

In practice we do not force but on the contrary we use all the support we need: straps, blocks, boslters. We let ourselves be helped and we are kind to our body, and through this kindness and sweetness we allow it to open up, slowly,  to the extent and at the right time for it.


Each class works on one or more elements related to Chinese medicine: Earth, Water, Air/Metal, Fire and Wood/Space/Spirit. Each of these elements is associated with a pair of meridians which are stimulated in depth and which work on specific issues.

Thus each class has a goal that has a holistic approach: for example we can work on rooting, cultivating stability and patience with the earth element, associated with the spleen and stomach meridians. Or on the opening of the heart and contact with joy and spontaneity through fire and the meridians of the heart and small intestine. 

After a yin yoga session we can experience a sensation of having created space, the nervous system is calm and regulated, we can face our days better, sleep better and be able to manage emotional waves with greater balance.


Holding the asanas for a few minutes in a row gives me the pleasure of being very focused and present in my body, and enjoying this matter that stretches, lengthens, relaxes, expands, opens... After the yin yoga class with Aldebaran, I feel so relaxed and at peace, right down to the depths of my being. The mind 'talks less' and the senses feel better. In addition, exploring the characteristics of a healthy feminine invites me to leave much more room for it in my everyday life. A true well-being to be experienced!

Nathalie, January 2023


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