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This is a one-to-one meeting, in a safe and protected space, where the energy of the "temple" is created, a bubble out of time where you can let go and feel welcomed with love.

Each meeting lasts about two hours, including an initial interview, massage practice and final discussion. I use various tools including conscious touch, elemental massage, tandava, and other tantric techniques from the Sofia Sundari method.

It is a valuable support for both women and men to experience:

- connecting to the deepest part of themselves

- a state of ecstasy and great openness

- the release of old stagnant emotions and energies

- an encounter with the pleasure of the body

- great grounding and psychophysical well-being


The aim of these sessions is to find the way back to an intimacy

that is pure, loving, and aligned with our truth.


The specific work dedicated to women: "Yoni Blessing"

The goal of the session is to reconnect to the body and celebrate its sacredness, open the doors to healing and the free flow of pleasure. In particular accessing a deeper contact with the yoni (termine which comes from Sanskrit which indicates the female genitalia, and which means "sacred temple") . 

It allows us to feed the cells with new information to make us stepping more fully into the power of our feminine, letting go of the protections that no longer have a reason to be. 


It is very supportive in case of disconnection, anxiety or anesthetization. Among the various benefits there are also support in case of pain or problems related to a painful menstrual cycle, and the promotion of fertility, as it allows you

to dissolve blocks and create space. 

It permits to release the "armor" that the yoni may have developed over the years.

This "armor" is nothing more than a protection, which may have formed following trauma, abuse, shame and guilt related to sexuality and disconnection from one's body.

This protection made sense and served its purpose, but it also impacted the flow of energy. Sometimes this defense mechanism can be perceived through desensitization/anaesthetization, burning or pain. So during the session you become aware of the mechanism chosen by the body to protect itself.

And whatever comes up, we breathe into it together, allowing it to transform, accepting it with love and compassion, providing a channel for release. Always in the utmost sweetness and respecting the rhythms of the body, IF it's ready.

The release of this protection takes place through a very gentle touch and pressure on specific points both internally and externally, also working on the internal reflexology of the yoni which is connected to specific emotions and specific organs.


Aldebaran provided an incredible life changing experience for me. She was present with me the entire time, opening up sacred space and was incredibly attentive when working with me. She spent time talking with me beforehand and encouraged me to stay in the authority of my body. Each step of the way she continued to check in with me and ask me for permission, which I continued to give.


When she went internal, the yoni massage felt like a therapeutic massage, like, it hurt good. It felt like every woman should receive this type of work. I am amazed at how tender I was and unaware that there were parts of inside my yoni that were tender.

This brought about awareness but also helped to free up energy in this space that I was holding onto.
My intention with having this massage was to stop resisting to life. I had been resistant to living life with more openness and fullness.


Since the massage, I have already (it’s only been a week) seen my life open up and so much profound revealing and healing to take place. It also came with shedding a lot of anger. Resentment and grief. Which I help space for and got to process. I have since receiving uncovered wounds and habits that I was simply unaware of before.
I have finally been able to burn stubborn Deep seated familial habits and karmas since receiving this work.


I highly recommend this work to any woman who is ready to enter herself a little more fully. Any woman who carry’s trauma or shame in her breasts or In her yoni and sex organs.
Aldebaran opened up a temple when we were working together. She is a womb shaman/priestess/initiatress/temple holder. Call her what you will.

I felt safe, seen and heard and taken care of.
I look forward to receiving this work again and being able to go a little bit deeper

into allowing myself to feel pleasure.

I will also be doing the homework that Aldebaran suggested and felt very nurtured by her attention to follow up, and her willingness to even meet with me in person after to go over what was arising for me.
She is a true gem and I hope more women will be willing to do this work because I feel it is oh so needed in this world.

Ali Nohinek, december 2022

Aldebaran creates a very safe space and connection for this intimate healing style, which I have experienced as profound and transformative. This was my first tantric healing massage experience so I wasn't sure about the process but Aldebaran explained the whole process to me thoroughly and made it clear that I could choose to stop at any point.


Throughout the massage, she continued to check on me and support my process, and asked for consent every step of the way, so I felt very safe and contained. The experience has positively changed my relationship with the body and I hope Aldebaran continues to share this healing gift with others. I have deep gratitude for this work 🙏🏽

L., December 2022

🪬I highly recommend this work to every woman. I think this should be regular maintenance. 🪙I have had my second session with Aldebaran and I can say she and her gifts are a blessing. This work is so deep: Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As women we hold so much tension and emotions in our pelvis. 🧘‍♀ Shoooot, just modern lifestyles keep us locked up in this region. Even if you are going in for something strictly physical, this work is worth it! Aldebaran was able to help me release my psoas internally after years of not being able to access this muscle with all the yoga.
I was able to let go of emotions and fears that were hidden deep within. 🎭This work has also increased sensitivity and awareness of my most precious parts. 🏆I highly highly recommend this work! Aldebaran has a gift I hope all of us women in the community give ourselves permission to experience this work. Absolutely worth it!
I know it’s easy to simply think this work isn’t for you or you wouldn’t be capable of allowing yourself to relax. However, this is part of the work, and you are probably the one who needs in the most. As this work is about reestablishing and developing trust, releasing shame along with pain that has been stored here.

Ali Nohinek, April 2023

I just wanted to thank you so much for our yoni massage session and for all the advice you gave me (like yoni steam and nutrition) to improve my cycle.

As you know, before, my cycle lasted up to 10 days, I had very very strong pains and experienced it in a very negative way. Now (after 4 months) I feel like a different person! Not only do I have almost no more pains and my period lasts 3-4 days, but I experience it in a much more peaceful way, fully accepting my more feminine side.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable help ❤ I would recommend all women to have a session with you 💖 in my opinion it really changes the way you live your womanhood, and in this society that puts us under pressure and maybe doesn't leave us much room for our feminine I find it beautiful. In fact, it is wonderful 🥰💖 THANK YOU

V., May 2023

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