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A journey between astrology and tantra
with Kaypacha & Aldebaran

There is nothing more powerful than love. Love can make us reach the highest peaks, fill our hearts with joy and expand our horizons more than any other force in the universe.

Using astrology, kundalini yoga, breath work, meditation and tantric practices, we will come to know and feel the masculine, yang, and feminine, yin, energy within us and bring them together in harmony.

In this tantric astrological retreat, we will create a safe, healing and supportive container where we can relax, lower our defences and access our deepest desires and inner truth.

Click here to know the schedule (the retreat will be in English)

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An intimate retreat for women on the stunning mermaid island of Kerkira, Corfu, Greece

August 23rd to 27th 2022

5 days for diving into our juicy essence, re-wilding ourselves by playing together in nature, connecting with the elements, in and out of the crystal waters of Arillas, or in a magic olive grove.

After all that we’ve been going through in the last 2 years, it’s a beautiful time to get back to (our) wild nature!


Aldebaran Sandrini, Arianna Benedetta Artioli and Sophia Michalopolou


We will explore together many juicy tools!!
- Sensual awakening through body movement and dance with Aldebaran
- Fluid movement with Arianna
- Feminine practices to root into the body and connect to sensuality with Aldebaran
- From Earth to Water practice with Sophia
- Clay play with Arianna
- Open Water Experience with Sophia, Aldebaran, Arianna
- Emotional Healing Processes with Arianna
- Stargazing, Myths and Astrology with Aldebaran

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