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One to one astrological readings (session can be one to one or via skype. It’s all recorded and sent by email afterwards so you can listen to it as many times as you wish)

- Birth chart reading: Get to know yourself truly and deeply through the exact picture of the sky conditions at the precise time of your birth. It is a unique and unrepeatable configuration far more complex than your sun sign. You can gain knowledge of parental influence, your talents, abilities and your professional calling as well as your way to relate to others. This reading also allows you to learn about the challenges you need to face in this life, and for those believing in past lives, information about your soul journey and karmic inheritance that you need to integrate.

- Transits and progressions: :  What are the planetary cycles we are in? What is the meaning of our life experience and where is it leading us? These readings are not a forecast but an indication as how to live the experiences on our journey as milestones chosen by our higher self, allowing our personal growth.

- Natal charts for kids and teens: : How does a child perceive his/her parents? What are his/her fears and where does he/she need to be supported and helped the most? The Child Natal Chart can be a useful tool to raise your child with more awareness and knowledge of his/her soul and individual talents. Astrology may also help your kid with his/her school path by identifying which subjects he/she is more talented for​.

- Couple consultancy: What do partners trigger in each other at a deeper level? Why are there some conflicts and how can they be a tool for growth? The analysis of the interactions between the two natal charts will show unveiling karmic connections, points of contact as well as challenges. Also, a third chart called integrated chart is consulted to reveal the couple mutual project in this life.



Runic readings: They allow to get a holistic answer focusing on one’s consciousness on a specific subject. Runes are the tool used for the reading. They are archetypes of the Northern Europe tradition, depository of knowledge and energies used for sacred writing, inner guidance and divination. This is not a forecast but a profound energetic reading of the current situation in question and how it will most likely evolve



Athanor School of Depth Astrology: One- or two-year training. It can be taken as self-knowledge path or as a tool to learn the basic reading of a birth chart. The course is both theoretical and practical and will integrate what has been studied through meditations, physical movement, constellations and group works.

First year: short training includes 4 weekends – full training includes 8 weekends 

Second year: 6 weekend training. 

Upon request: individual trainings




New groups are starting in February 2022. Currently the school is only available in Italian, however private lessons can be also arranged in English.

Feel free to contact me to have an English version of the program. 

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Courses of runes and northern Europe sciamanism:


Study of the 24 runes and their main meanings, foundation of northern mythology, teaching and interpretation schemes. Practices to learn how to enhance one’s sensitivity, connecting to your higher self and channeling information. The teachings are integrated with shamanic practices outdoor, which give the chance to connect to elements and other forces that live in the woods, reconnecting to our soul project and gaining access to our life force.

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